Pitch Wars Mentee Bio


Oh hi there!


Hello everybody! I hope you’re all doing amazing and gearing up for Pitch Wars. On that note, let me remind you, “It’s time for Pitch Wars 2017!” This is my excitement level.

Doctor Who, Ten

Nobody gets more excited than Ten!


My professional bio:

I’m out as queer, studying to obtain an AAS in ASL Interpretation in the only Terp program in North Texas, and am interning with Stephen Morgan of Entangled Publishing. I’ve had short stories, photographs, and even a poem published in my college’s art and literature magazine, The Compass–the poem was made into an art piece with the photograph they paired it with and is forever on display at my old campus. Before all of this, I wrote for The Dallas Voice and was their editorial intern summer 2013. That same summer I also attended the Lambda Literary Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices and studied under Malinda Lo, an AMAZING, award-winning author and one of the founders of Diversity in YA. Ironically, her first novel was a bi retelling of Cinderella–my entry is a bi retelling of my favorite fairytale, The Little Mermaid.


tell me more

Some, mentors are like…

My relaxed bio:

I’m a writer, a dancer, a goofball, and as my bestie would say, “a freaking energetic, and contagiously optimistic cinnamon roll.” Gifs, as one can tell, are my love. I can find a gif for anything and usually they come from the things I love like Doctor WhoThe X-Files, Harry Potter, and Disney films. My favorite authors are Holly Black, Tamora Pierce, Malinda Lo, David Levithan, Laura Brown, Rebecca Yarros, and the list goes on. I’m also a comic book nerd. I totally identify as queer, pronouns preferred are they/them. Whovian to the max and Hufflepuff incarnate. I’m also a cat guy. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs and grew up with them since my parents bred show-winning Akitas, but developed an allergy as an adult. My favorite movie is The Fifth Element. This is quickly followed by Steel Magnolias, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, and The Lost Boys. Other favorites are Hocus Pocus, Chronicles of Riddick, Sweet Home Alabama, and Disney’s most underrated film ever, Atlantis: The Lost Enpire.


Where else can you see a blue alien dance and sign opera at the same time?


Oh, and once upon a previous life (read: two to five years ago), I was a model/actor, but this is how I felt in model clothes, so I quit the entertainment business. It’s worth mentioning though that I love sewing and at one time was going to go to FIDM in Los Angeles before my seizures started. Fashion Design is something I’m considering for the future… Yes, I’m too artistic, but I’ve gotta put it to use somehow.

 Let's not mention the fact that I'm short and everybody else is a beautiful giant...

Let’s not mention the fact that I’m 5’4″ so everybody else was a beautiful giant…


What else do you need to know about me?

I DON’T RUN. No, I won’t go running with you. I can dance for four hours straight (been there, done that, next challenge please!) but I don’t run. This is what happens when I try to run. Plus running shortens muscles we dancers need to be longer. If you see me running, your bitch ass better start running too, because I’m probably fleeing from the zombie apocalypse. Or Trump supporters… They’re equal on the Scare Scale.

"I'm dying and you want to run FIVE miles uphill when I can't manage a hundred yards?"

“I’m dying and you want to run FIVE miles uphill when I can’t even run five yards?”

Oh! Epileptic, living with depression and anxiety, and am a vocal advocate for mental health.

So, now that introductions are out of the way, let’s get to the important stuff, shall we? The mentors said what they’re looking for on their bios. In that regard, I feel I likewise should say what I’m looking for in a mentor. Listen up, Mentors!


Tangled gif

*Mentors scoot closer*


Mentor traits:

  • Somebody who isn’t afraid to swear. I grew up in the Marines, am Southern without being racist or phobic (unless you count arachnophobia), and my orientation is fabulous, so swearing doesn’t bother me at all.
  • Somebody who LOVES feedback. Like, when I give feedback, everybody has a minor heart attack at all the red. Do that to me! (Make me say the following things when I get your notes back.)
  • Somebody who will freak out and message me about something they loved in my piece. Or something they hated, but that drove them forward into the story.
  • Somebody who is as crazy and creative as I am. If you’re a fanboy/fangirl, I have a feeling we’ll get along perfectly.
  • Somebody who can laugh! If we’re not laughing at least once when we talk, that’s not good. LOL is my most overused text if that tells you anything, followed by a purple emoji heart.
  • Somebody who likes romance. I have strong romantic elements in my piece, because, duh, The Little Mermaid is a romance. *PREPARE FOR THE FEELS*


  • Somebody who loves fantasy and wants to see queer, differently ambled, and racial minorities as protagonists.
  • Somebody who will make me work!
But say, "You gotta work, Bitch!"

But say, “You gotta work, Bitch!”


So, if you feel that we’d be a good fit, please choose me! I promise not to do this to you if you do.  Although I might scream and kiss my screen… I’ll also legit ask for your address when all this is done so I can send you chocolate, an Amazon gift card, and a Starbucks gift card. Not trying to bribe anybody or anything, just legitimately planning on doing this as a thank you if I get chosen.

Stitch licking window


About my #PitchWars piece/Why you should pick me:

SIREN’S CALL is a bi retelling of The Little Mermaid. What sets it apart beyond that? It takes place in New Jersey (in a fictional town that’s an amalgamation of Atlantic City and Ocean City). Then there’s the fact that the Sea Witch is benevolent like in the original novel. The mermaid is gender-flipped, so it’s a merdude. My human “prince” is Deaf. He has cochlear implants but identifies as Deaf with a big D, which means being a part of the Deaf community is important to him and he takes pride in it, and as such ASL is used. He obviously has a voice and can hear with the speech processors on. Oh, and as for the “Other Princess” from the original tale? She exists here as the betrothed of my merman and the Sea Witch’s niece. And she was set to marry the merman at the end of the week before everything went to shit in a seaweed basket. Oh, Maleficent may or may not make an appearance, too. Keen eyes will see what wondering minds want to know.


Wanna see how all this can play out? Pick me.


Remember how I said, “energetic and contagiously optimistic?”


In closing, this is an amazing opportunity, Brenda Drake is fabulous, and I really wish everybody the best of luck. Hope you enjoyed reading!


And random gifs I love that I couldn’t find a place to put in this.



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