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Oh hi there, you gorgeous person, you!


Hello everybody! I hope you’re all doing amazing and gearing up for Pitch Wars. On that note, let me remind you, “It’s time for Pitch Wars 2016!” This is my excitement level.

Doctor Who, Ten

Nobody gets more excited than Ten!


My short bio:

I’m out as fabulous, and this Fall will start my degree in ASL. I’ve had short stories published in my college’s art and literature magazine, The Compass. I’ve written for The Dallas Voice and was their editorial intern summer 2013. I also was chosen and attended the Lambda Literary Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices that summer and studied under Malinda Lo, an AMAZING, award-winning author and one of the founders of Diversity in YA. Also, my favorite movie is, “The Fifth Element.”


Where else can you watch an alien sing opera while dancing?

My long bio:

I’m a writer, a dancer, a goofball, and as my bestie would say, “a freaking energetic, and contagiously optimistic cinnamon roll.” I’m fabulous and love Doctor WhoThe X-Files, Harry Potter, Holly Black, Tamora Pierce, Malinda Lo, David Levithan, and the list goes on. I’m also a Disney-phile and comic book nerd (Marvel all the way, but LOVE me some Wonder Woman and screamed in excitement when I saw Gal Gadot in BvS). Once in a previous life (read: two to five years ago), I was a model/actor, but this is how I felt in model clothes, so I quite the entertainment business.

 Let's not mention the fact that I'm short and everybody else is a beautiful giant...

Let’s not mention the fact that I’m short and everybody else is a beautiful giant…


Oh, and, I DON’T RUN. No, I won’t go running with you. I can dance for four hours straight (been there, done that, next challenge please!) but I don’t run. This is what happens when I try to run. Plus running shortens muscles we dancers need to be longer. If you see me running, your bitch ass better start running too, because I’m probably fleeing from the zombie apocalypse. Or Trump supporters… They’re fairly equal on the Scare Scale.

"I'm dying and you want to run FIVE miles uphill when I can't manage a hundred yards?"

“I’m dying and you want to run FIVE miles uphill when I can’t even run five yards?”


So, the mentors said what they’re looking for on their bios. In that regard, I feel I likewise should say what I’m looking for in a mentor. Listen up, Mentors!


Tangled gif

*Mentors scoot closer*


Mentor traits:

  • Somebody who isn’t afraid to swear. I grew up in the Marines, and my orientation is fabulous, so swearing doesn’t bother me at all.
  • Somebody who LOVES feedback. Like, when I give feedback, everybody has a minor heart attack at all the red. Do that to me!
  • Somebody who will freak out and message me about something they loved in my piece. Or something they hated, but that drove them forward into the story.
  • Somebody who is as crazy and creative as I am. If you’re a fanboy/fangirl, I have a feeling we’ll get along perfectly.
  • Somebody who can laugh! If we’re not laughing at least once when we talk, that’s not good. LOL is my most overused text if that tells you anything.
  • Somebody who likes romance. I have strong romantic elements in my piece. *THE FEELS*
  • Somebody who loves fantasy and wants to see queer, racial minorities as a teen heroes!
  • Somebody who will make me work!
But say, "You gotta work, Bitch!"

But say, “You gotta work, Bitch!”


So, if you feel that we’d be a good fit, please choose me! I promise not to do this to you, if you do.  I might scream and kiss my screen though…

Stitch licking window

About my #PitchWars piece/Why you should pick me:

THE BONES OF PARIS is a YA urban fantasy told in four alternating, firt person POVs. One character uses British English, another is very proper and does not use contractions, the third is a bit of an airhead and a Southern Belle-Valley Girl hyrid, and the last in fluent in insults and sarcasm. Two of them aren’t straight and are racial minorities.

There are mages, magical junkies, portals, a magically invisible dinner, a computer hacker, toe-curling/angsty romance, a freak experiment, and a crap ton of humor. Did I mention that part of the Parisian Catacombs cave in due to one of the POV’s loss of control?  Yeah, I keep my fantasy urban and current, with tech that we have today. In fact, tech plays a large part in the novel.

So, want to see what an YA urban fantasy with all of this looks like? Pick me.



Remember how I said, “energetic and contagiously optimistic?”


I look forward to (hopefully) working with a mentor for this contest! This is an awesome opportunity and Brenda Drake is amazing for hosting this! Oh, don’t forget, pick me.

Ten Wink


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