Furiously Fast Fingers Sprint


So, lately I’ve been focused on editing, like, apparently, the majority of my friends and fellow writers. I’ve decided to change that up a bit. So, tomorrow, July the 12th, I’ll be hosting the first ever “Furiously Fast Fingers Sprint.”

What the heck is that?

It’s a word sprint. From 10 AM Central until 2:45 PM, writers from all over (I hope, since I kinda just decided to do this), will be writing. Together. Like not the same story, but in spirit… You all understand what I mean! 😝

What’s the catch?

NO editing. We want to add those words, not delete them. (But don’t worry, there’s be an Enlightened Enviroment Edits Spriny come July). Who’s in?

Want to take part but can’t do it at that time? It’s okay! Just use the hashtag below and write for as log as you can. We want to encourage everybody!

Spread the word! Use the hashtag #FuriouslyFastFingers on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr! We want as MANY people as possible to do this event.


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