The Exciting Importance of Failing

Pitch Wars is over, loves. It was an absolute rush! Sadly, I wasn’t chosen, which kind of sucked.

We will be better soon.

We will be better soon.

In fact, that day kind of sucked overall. My emotional outlet is dance. I can usually lose myself in the movements, captivation and drive to perfect the movements and be beautiful. So, that day, in pushing myself I made a novice error: I pushed myself too hard, without fully knowing the combination and I sprained my right knee, which happens to be the knee I injured at some forgettable point in the past. So now I can’t dance for at least a week, my right leg is restrained in a knee immobilizer, and I have to do a conditioning/strengthening program.


Yes, this is EXACTLY how I look when I trying to put on a sock.

But you know what? I’m okay with that. Granted, I didn’t like the fact that I sprained my knee, got the news about Pitch Wars, and my inbox was flooded a stunning amount of agent rejections ALL on the same day, but that’s life. Even though it wasn’t my ideal situation, I am happy to report there is good that came from Pitch Wars, and I know some good will come from my situation.

Firstly, I was able to make my opening chapters and synopsis shine. In fact, in the email I got from Dannie telling me why she couldn’t take me on, she said my first chapter was in fantastic shape. Dannie Morin also gave me unfiltered feedback, for which I’m glad, and it honestly opened my eyes to some things I didn’t realize. Secondly, Stacey Lee and Stephanie Garber both gave me a shout-out on their lists of “Official Pitch Wars Picks,” and Stacey said they’re watching me (in a good way). Rebecca Yarros–I think I chatted with her the most–gave me some awesome feedback as well and is now a friend. I’m awaiting feedback from Virginia Boecker (her last name is pronounced Baker), but am excited to see what she has to say. Thirdly, I got some amazing new critique partners! Go check out, Tiffany Rosenthall and Natasha Raulerson. Also, everybody has really liked what they read.


They’re all encouraging me and saying I’m good!

So, that kind of explains why I’m okay with what happened in Pitch Wars, but not really… And you’re probably like, “Get to the damn point already!”

Sailor Jupiter agrees with you.

Sailor Jupiter agrees with you.

I’m okay with all this because I can now grow. My novel is in excellent hands with readers who so far love my work, but aren’t afraid to give feedback, so I can focus on writing something new. I’ve been wanting to work on my flexibility and my understanding of the language of movement, so now I’ll be able to accomplish those goals. I can now immerse myself as deeply as I want to in the things I already love. I’ve failed at what I set out to do, but in doing so, have been reminded of the importance of growth.

Failure does not mean the end. It is simply a point at which you recognize the possibilities for yourself. Failure allows for creativity. Or to put it more correctly, as Scott Adams said,  “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”


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