Silver Linings


Life is a bitch sometimes. Things are going great and then something comes along and just about everything goes to hell in a hand basket–just like the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz with her bicycle and the basket on the back when the tornado hits. I’m very experienced in shit hitting the fan. I may not have had the worst life, but I could write a best selling series based on all the FML events I’ve been through in only twenty-three years. Maybe someday I will, but I don’t want to talk about that today. I want to talk about the silver linings those twister storms carry. We need more of these stories anyway.


So, those silver linings I mentioned, they can be as elusive as rainbows and fade just as fast too. Why should we even look for them if they are fleeting and easy to miss? Well, because you need them. Life is hard and you’ll be kicked on your ass and beaten down more times than you can count. Sorry, this ain’t a magical picnic where faeries feed you and you drink pure ether from unicorn horns, or whatever. That’d be nice, but the truth is life will test you. It will ask the tough questions.

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How badly do you want something? What are you willing to do in order to get it? How far are you willing to travel? These are the things life will ask you. But don’t look at them in the negative, because life is all about living.

So, you got kicked out? Okay, that sucks big time. I experienced that, too. Now you have the opportunity to learn how to be independent, how to make a living, and you have the opportunity to travel, get away from what you’ve always known. It’s fucking terrifying, but the most helpful changes tend to be.

You lost your job? Ouch. It’s gonna be hard to make it, but you can. You’ll learn how to budget better, how to compare prices, clip coupons and how to get the best deals. And maybe now you can go back to school, or start that dream job you always wanted.

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There’s a saying I love that states, “God doesn’t close a window without opening a door. He just forgot to tell you about the Hell in the hall.” Basically, with every opportunity there will be setbacks. For every tragedy, you’ll have to work to find the good. But that’s the beauty of being Human–we are resilient. It’s in our DNA, a desire to never give up. So, seize the moment, find that silver lining and fight your fight.

It may be as simple as you’re alive. Or that you have certain freedoms your ancestors didn’t. It could be the house over your head or the annoying birds waking you up this morning. But find your silver lining today, then find it again tomorrow. Seize the positives in your day and your life will absolutely change.

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