Paint it Black

“The Big Score.”—Holly Black, Black Heart

Anybody who knows me has heard me talk about my favorite author, Mrs. Holly Black.alumniHollyBlackheadshot

The question people ask the most is, of course, “Why is she your favorite author?”

That answer has a few facets that add up to a whole answer.

The first facet is that I discovered her book Tithe when I was in the seventh grade, so the 2004-2005 school year. I had begun to understand that I wasn’t straight back then and when Corny came out, I was like, “OMG! A hero! A GAY HERO!” Of course, I was also in love with faeries due to my mother’s undying love for faeries and pushing them on me passion for them. Tithe was the first novel I ever read in which a character was gay and out.

This is the cover "Tithe" had when I discovered it.

This is the cover “Tithe” had when I discovered it.

So, what’s another reason why Holly Black is a favorite author of mine?

She ACTUALLY reads her fan mail!

Three years ago now I sent her a fan mail letter and included the first three chapters of my manuscript, since my chapters were (and still are) short.

This is the hand-written letter I received in response from her.

Holly Black Letter Front

Holly Black Letter Front Page

The Back Page

The Back Page

Need another reason to find her amazing? Check out the conversation I had with her on Twitter due to a tweet Malinda Lo posted!

Holly Black Conversation

Holly Black Conversation

And so, this is why I recommend you check out this blogger’s favorite author, Holly Black!

This is the link to where I got Holly Black’s author image.;

This is the link to where I got the cover of “Tithe.”;


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